Take OSForensics with You

Take OSForensics with you on a USB Flash Drive!

OSForensics™ can be installed to and run entirely from a portable USB flash drive. There's no need to install digital discovery software to specific machines when you can simply take your investigation with you!

Install to USB Flash Drive (UFD)

Installing digital discovery software on a machine with forensic data carries the risk of unintentionally deleting or overwriting any valuable forensic data left behind by the user. Fortunately, you can preserve a machine state by installing OSForensics to and running from an USB Flash Drive (UFD).

Install OSForensics to a USB flash drive and you'll never overwrite or delete valuable forensic data!

From OSForensics, you can create a USB flash drive installation in just a few mouse clicks. Take your cases with you and remove the risk of contaminating machines which have valuable forensic data.

Bootable OSForensics

OSForensics can be configured to boot directly from a CD/DVD or USB Flash Drive (UFD), instead of being launched from the machine's operating system. See Building a Bootable Version of OSForensics for more information.

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