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Video Demonstrations

Watch and download video demonstrations of many features in OSForensics such as recovering deleted files, scanning and searching file contents and encrypted document password recovery.

FAQs and Tutorials

View frequently asked questions and detailed guides on using OSForensics to verify hash checksums of files, compatible email formats, using network drives, booting into a WinPE environment, login password recovery, and more.

Help File & Data Sheet

A PDF download of the User Manual is available here.

A PDF Data Sheet on OSForensics V10 is available here.

OSForensics Forums

You can discuss OSForensics with other users in our forum.

Purchasing Support

Quotes and Pricing

Please use the information on our main product page to get the pricing for the products you require. For all other enquiries, please contact sales@passmark.com

Sending Us a Purchase Order or Check

PassMark Software has two office locations. Customers based in the United States or Canada should contact North American Branch in California. We strongly encourage customers from Europe, Asia or other regions to mail purchase orders and checks directly to the Australian Head Office.

Supply of Product(s)

We would normally supply the product(s) ordered on the same day as we recieve payment. However our bank can take some time to notify us of a payment being received. You can speed up the process by letting us know when a payment was sent.

All of our software is currently supplied via electronic download, so no shipping is required. In the case where hardware (e.g. Rainbow Tables) have been ordered, they will be shipped by FedEx unless we are directed by you to do otherwise.

We prefer to accept payment in US dollars (USD), Australian dollars (AUD) or Euros (€)

International Resellers


3rd Eye Techno Solutions

Region: India

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S.A.T. Trading L.L.C.

Region: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates

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Grupo ITD, S.A.

Region: El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras

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Region: Indonesia

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Region: Turkey

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Worldwide Sales

PassMark Software currently ship our hardware products internationally with our North American Office covering the US and Canada via USPS Priority and our Sydney Office covering the rest of the world via FedEx.

For enquiries or complex quotes, please contact sales@passmark.com

Phone or E-mail

Where suitable, we encourage customers to contact PassMark Headquarters in Australia as we have more technical support staff available to deal with enquiries. Please use the details as found on the Contact Us page.