Rainbow Table & Hash Set Collection

This product is an internal SATA 3TB hard disk (manufacturer may vary) which has copies of a number of different rainbow tables and hash sets from various external sources and several generated by PassMark.

Price: $550.00 (Price excludes shipping)

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They can be used in conjunction with OSForensics for password recovery and quickly identifying known safe files (such as operating system and program files) and suspected malicious files (viruses, trojans, script files).

The actual rainbow tables and hash sets are available from a number of sources for free howeables in OSForensics see thisver the entire collection is very large (approximately 2.5TB). See the Free Download Locations section for more information about the external sources for the tables.

Included Rainbow Tables

Rainbow tables are tables of plain text passwords and hashes. They allow a password to be quickly looked up if a hash for that password is known. For more information on using rainbow t password recovery tutorial. These tables are in RTI1.0 format.

Name DescriptionSizeSource
md5_loweralpha-numericMD5, lower case 1-7 characters (a-z 0-9) 73 MBPassMark
lm_alpha-numericLM Hash, upper case 1-7 characters (A-Z 0-9) 180 MBPassMark
sha1_loweralpha-numericSHA1, lower case 1-7 characters (a-z 0-9)57 MBPassMark
LM & Half LM* 5 tables, various alpha numeric combinations, 1-7 characters long600 GB FreeRainbowTables**
MD513 tables, up to 12 characters long with various alpha numeric combinations 1 TBFreeRainbowTables**
MYSQLSHA1 2 tables up to 12 characters long with various alpha numeric combinations 35.5 GBFreeRainbowTables**
NTLM* 12 tables, up to 12 characters long with various alpha numeric combinationss 818 MBFreeRainbowTables**
SHA1 4 tables, up to 12 characters long with various alpha numeric combinations 97.3 GBFreeRainbowTables**

*HalfLM, NTLM and hybrid tables are not currently compatible with OSForensics but can be used with other rainbow table software.
*FreeRainbowTables is no longer online.

Included Hash Sets

Hash Sets are used in a data analysis technique called Hash Analysis, which uses the MD5, SHA1 and SHA256 hash of files to verify the files on a storage device. A hash uniquely identifies the contents of a file, regardless of filename and can be used to identify the presence of malicious, contraband, or incriminating files such as bootleg software, pornography and viruses. See this video of hash sets in use in OSForensics.

KeyLoggersCollection of keyloggers1.14 MBPassMark
Office 2007 Enterprise (Vista)Office 2007 files (Windows Vista 32bit)3.87 MBPassMark
Office 2007 Enterprise (Win7) Office 2007 files (Windows 7 32bit)5.22 MBPassMark
Vista Business (32-bit)Windows system files19.7 MBPassMark
Vista Business (x64)Windows system files19.7 MBPassMark
Win7 Enterprise (x64)Windows system files26.4 MBPassMark
Win7 Ultimate (32-bit)Windows system files40.8 MBPassMark
XP Professional (32-bit)Windows system files4.92 MBPassMark
XP Profesional (x64)Windows system files4.10 MBPassMark
Win10 Home (x64)Windows system files23.9 MBPassMark
NSRL 2.34 October 2011Includes original NSRL data in CSV format and OSForensics conversion19.5 GBNSRL
NSRL 2.44 April 2014OSForensics conversion20.3 GBNSRL
NSRL 2.52 June 2016OSForensics conversion29.0 GBNSRL
NSRL 2.55 December 2016 ModernOSForensics conversion17.6 GBNSRL
NSRL 2.59 December 2017 ModernOSForensics conversion19.8 GBNSRL
NSRL 2.71 December 2020 ModernOSForensics conversion15.5 GBNSRL
NSRL 2.75 December 2021 Modern MinimalOSForensics conversion12.7 GBNSRL
NSRL 3 June 2023 Modern MinimalOSForensics conversion12.5 GBNSRL
NSRL 3 June 2023 Legacy MinimalOSForensics conversion9.22 GBNSRL
NSRL 3 June 2023 IOS MinimalOSForensics conversion3.73 GBNSRL
NSRL 3 June 2023 Android MinimalOSForensics conversion5.17 GBNSRL


Also included on the disk are trial versions of OSForensics and WirelessMon and these free utilities;

Hard Drive compatibility

There are issues using large hard drives on older Windows machines. The rainbow table drives are formatted with what is know as GPT formatting (GUID Partition Table). This is necessary as the older MBR partition format can't deal with drives over 2TB. Older computers will have a problem with large hard drives. Windows XP and Windows 2000 are incompatible with this drive for example! Older BIOSs may also not recognise the full capacity of the drive. While BIOS limitations can sometimes be avoided by using a USB dock with the hard drive, you should check compatibility with yout motherboard and O/S before you purchase.

Free Download Locations

Please note the rainbow tables (about 2.5TB worth) were downloaded from a source that is no longer available online. The hash sets are available for free from the National Software Reference Library, approximately a 1.7GB download, and there is a OSForensics tutorial on how to convert them for use within OSForensics. Please note that conversion may take several days.
The hash sets and rainbow tables created by PassMark are also available from the OSForensics Download page. We are not selling the tables, only the service of copying them onto a 3TB hard drive and shipping.