Deliver your Findings

Export findings from your forensic investigation into an accessible report.

OSForensics™ lets you export your case file as an accessible and customizable report showing all evidence associated with the case. Deliver a readable summary of forensic findings to clients or law enforcement agents at any point in your investigation.

Generate Case Reports

Case reports provide a summary of all results and items you have associated with a case in an accessible HTML or PDF format. Case items are arranged into lists and files which can be interactively sorted in a web browser by heading. More details on each case item can be found by clicking on each specific Item Title.

When generating reports, OSForensics allows you to:

  • Select from five predefined report templates, add a company logo, and select which items to include;

  • Print report as PDF;

  • Add your company logo to the reportand select which items to include; and

  • Select which items to include.

Organize your findings into a case file for ease of retrieval and security.

Although OSForensics comes with four pre-defined report templates, you can customize the appearance of the report template to suit your individual requirements.

Generate reports from the evidence you have collected in your case file.

Edit Case Narratives using the HTML editor. Load and save templates, and insert images and hyperlinks with ease.

Generate reports from the evidence you have collected in your case file.

Consolidate data collected from different forensics tools by adding external reports. This feature supports adding external HTML reports, in addition to other document types.

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