OSF Feature Comparison

Feature Trial Edition Subscription Edition Perpetual Edition Bootable Edition
Memory viewer and dumper
Raw disk viewer
Verify & create hash
Create and compare signatures
Drive zeroing & testing
Drive imaging
Mismatched file search
Hash Set Management
File name searching
Search for Deleted Files
File system browser
Collect system information
Rebuild RAID arrays
Hidden disk areas
Volume shadow copies
E-mail viewer
Registry viewer
Prefetch viewer
SQLite database browser
ESE database viewer
Plist property file viewer
$UsnJrnl file journal viewer
Detect user activity Can only export 10 at a time
Web browser screen capture Image is watermarked
Face Detection
Python Scripting
Cloud Imaging
Email Exporting
Illicit Image Detection
AFF4 File Format Support
Web Server Log Filtering
Install and run from USB
List and Search for Alternate File Streams
Sort Files by Color
Multi-core acceleration for file decryption
Customizable System Information Gathering
Import / Export Hash Sets
Manage Cases Limited to 3 cases at a time and max of 10 items per case
Disk indexing and searching Limited to 2,500 files or EMails & 250 results per search
Find passwords & file decryption Max of 5 password per browser type
Restore Deleted Files Limited to one file at a time.
View NTFS $I30 directory entries
Investigation of Android Phones
Investigation of Apple Mac Drives
Runs without a valid Operating System
Support & Maintenance Free Public Forum
Phone, E-mail and Forum support Phone, E-mail, Forum support for length of purchased support period Phone, E-mail, Forum support for length of purchased support period or subscription
License validity 30 day trial Software valid for length of subscription Software never expires Software validity length based on license type
Purchase Price $0 $89.00 per Month or
$899.00 per Year
$1599.00 with 12 months of Support or
$3499.00 with 36 months of Support
Now included with OSF License
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Rainbow tables and hash sets that can be used with OSForensics can be purchased as a set and come pre-loaded on a 3TB hard disk.