What is the difference between the perpetual and subscription license options?

With the release of OSForensics V8, PassMark has introduced a subscription option. The licensing option best suited to you will depend on your use case, how frequently you use the software and your need to access the latest updates and user support. See below for each license inclusions.

An OSForensics monthly or annual SUBSCRIPTION license includes:

  • Access to the latest version of OSForensics
  • Continual access to major and minor release updates
  • Continual access to priority support and customer service
  • If your subscription is cancelled or expires without renewal, OSForensics will no longer work

An OSForensics PERPETUAL license includes:

  • Non-expiring license of the OSForensics version you purchased
  • Capped 12 or 36 months of support and maintenance
  • If your support license expires, OSForensics will continue to work, but you will no longer receive new version upgrades or technical support

We also offer a complimentary 30-Day Trial Edition for download. This free trial is feature-restricted and will stop working after 30 days from installation.

License Comparison

There are free, subscription and perpetual licenses of OSForensics available. The pricing and feature differences can be found below.

License Trial Edition Perpetual Subscription
License Validity 30 day trial Software never expires Software valid for length of subscription
Major and Minor Upgrades No Yes, for length of purchased support period Yes, for length of subscription
Support and Maintenance Free Public Forum Phone, E-mail, Forum support for length
of purchased support period
Phone, E-mail, Forum support
Installs per License 1 Allows for 1 machine install and 1 USB install Allows for 1 machine install and 1 USB install
Purchase Price $0 $149900 with 12 months of Support or
$329900 with 36 months of Support
$7900 per Month or
$79900 per Year
Download See Purchase Options See Purchase Options