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(?) OSForensics lets you extract forensic evidence from computers quickly with high performance file searches and indexing. Identify suspicious files and activity with hash matching, drive signature comparisons, e-mails, memory and binary data. Manage your digital investigation and create reports from collected forensic data. Phone, E-mail, Forum support, plus free upgrades, for 12 months after purchase included.
OSForensics 12-month Support
(?) 12 months of additional support for OSForensics. This includes Phone, E-mail, Forum support plus free upgrades.
OSForensics 36-month Support
(?) 36 months of additional support for OSForensics. This includes Phone, E-mail, Forum support plus free upgrades.
OSForensics Online Training Course
(?) We offer a self directed training course via DigitalChalk for digital forensics investigators and enthusiasts who wish to increase their proficiency in using OSForensics for computer examination. For those planning to become a Certified OSForensics Examiner via the test (below), completion of this course before taking the test is strongly recommended, with the exception of expert users. This course and the certification test were developed in collaboration with Computer Forensics Expert Chuck Easttom.
OSForensics Certification Test
(?) This test certifies that investigators are proficient at using OSForensics for computer examination. It recognizes that they have an advanced understanding of computer examination methodologies, thus helping professionals to substantiate the validity of their case data. The test consists of 46 questions and the test duration is 1 hour.
OSForensics Upgrade
(?) Upgrade an existing license key for an older version of OSForensics to the latest version.
 OSForensics Rainbow Tables - 3TB HDD
(?) This product is an internal SATA 3TB hard disk (manufacturer may vary) which has copies of a number of different rainbow tables and hash sets from various external sources and several generated by PassMark. They can be used in conjunction with OSForensics for password recovery and quickly identifying known safe files (such as operating system and program files) and suspected malicious files (viruses, trojans, script files).
OSForensics Bundle
(?) Purchase OSForensics, the Training Course, the Certification Exam, and 12-months additional support as a bundle and receive a 10% discount.
OSForensics Instructor Led Training Course
(?) We also offer face-to-face classes for those wishing to learn in an interactive environment.

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