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OSForensics - Digital investigation for a new era OSForensics
OSForensics lets you extract forensic evidence from computers quickly with high performance file searches and indexing. Identify suspicious files and activity with hash matching, drive signature comparisons, e-mails, memory and binary data. Manage your digital investigation and create reports from collected forensic data. Phone, E-mail, Forum support, plus free upgrades, for 12 months after purchase included.
OSForensics - Upgrade OSForensics Upgrade
This is an upgrade to the current version of OSForensics Pro Edition for users who have purchased an earlier version of OSForensics and are no longer within their support and maintenance period. Free upgrades are available for existing users who are still within their support and maintenances period.
OSForensics - Additional Support Additional Support
Purchase additional support for OSForensics. This includes Phone, E-mail, Forum support plus free upgrades.
OSForensics bootable USB OSForensics Bootable (USB Flash Drive)
The ability to boot OSForensics on a machine from a USB flash drive, without needing an operating system installed on the hard drive.
Note: From V2.2 it is now possible to make your own bootable drive directly within OSForensics.
Rainbow tables and hash sets
Rainbow Tables - 3TB hard disk
This product is an internal SATA 3TB hard disk (manufacturer may vary) which has copies of a number of different rainbow tables and hash sets from various external sources and several generated by PassMark.

Free Tools

The following collection of tools is provided as free downloads for use with OSForensics™.

OSFMount - Mount dd image files in Windows
OSFClone - Clone a disk
ImageUSB - Write an image to multiple USB Flash Drives at the same time
Volatility Workbench - Windows GUI for Volatility memory analysis
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