What is the difference between OSF Support and the OSF Upgrade?

When you purchase a license of OSForensics, you will receive a complementary 12-month Software Support & Updates (SSU) license. The 12-month SSU license entitles you to Phone, Email and Forum support, as well as any new versions of OSForensics that are released during this time frame. The actual license of OSForensics does not expire. Meaning, if your SSU license expires, you are still able to use the software, but you will not be able to receive new releases or software support. OSForensics uses license key registration and does not utilize hardware dongles.

Additional Software Support & Updates Packages

Additional or on-going SSU licenses are sold in 12-month, 24-month, and 36-month packages. At the end of the initial 12-month SSU period, users will need to either purchase a 12-month ($449 USD), 24-month ($853 USD), or 36-month ($1,239 USD) SSU license to extend their support and updates coverage. For convenience, many users choose to purchase these additional SSU packages at the same time they purchase OSForensics. In these cases, the additional package is added to the initial 12-month coverage period.

Example #1: Joe purchases a single license of OSForensics, along with an additional 36-month SSU license. Since his OSForensics license includes 12-months of initial SSU coverage, Joe will receive 48-months of total SSU coverage from the date he receives his OSForensics license key.

Example #2: Jane purchases a single license of OSForensics, along with a 12-month SSU license. As a result, Jane has 24-months of total SSU coverage.

OSForensics "Upgrade" Options

Users who have an older license of OSForensics (and an expired SSU license), will need to purchase the OSF Upgrade ($590 USD) to receive an updated license for the latest version of OSForensics

Example #1: Joe has a license for OSForensics v5. His SSU license is expired and he wishes to update to the latest version (v7) of OSForensics. Joe would need to purchase the OSForensics Upgrade to receive a v7 license key. Please note, that the OSForensics Upgrade also includes a 12-month SSU license.

Example #2: Jane has a license key for OSForensics v7, and her SSU license recently expired 2 months ago. OSForensics v8 is released during this time and Jane would like to update her license key to this new version. In this scenario, Jane would also need to purchase an OSForensics “Upgrade” in order to receive the v8 license. Jane would also receive 12-months of SSU coverage for purchasing the upgrade. Once active again, Jane could then purchase an additional 12, 24 or 36-month SSU license to ensure extended support and updates coverage in the future.

Example #3: John has a license key for OSForensics v7, yet his SSU has expired. John renews his expired SSU license PRIOR to the release of v8, by purchasing a 12, 24 or 36-month SSU package. Two months later, v8 is released and John receives a free license upgrade to v8 because he had a current and active SSU license for v7.

Purchasing an SSU or Upgrade Package

To purchase an OSForensics Support or Upgrade package, please visit our Products page.