Latest release date:
20 August 2013:
V2.1 build 1000
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Bootable USB Flash Drive

NOTE: Starting with V2.2 of OSForensics it is possible to make your own
self booting USB flash drive from within the OSForensics software. So we are
no longer selling this as a seperate product. Please contact us for more details
if required.

OSForensics Bootable is the easiest way to use OSForensics with or without a valid operating system.

Simply plug and play to run OSForensics directly from the flash drive.
The software does not require any software installation, license registration or configuration to run. This means OSForensics Bootable can be freely moved between computers with operating systems without hassle!

No operating system? OSForensics Bootable lets you boot into Windows PE and run OSForensics without an existing or valid operating system installed.

Why is it useful?

Booting from a USB drive can be preferable to booting from the HDD in the machine as you can boot into a known clean environment avoiding the execution of malware and rootkits. It can also be useful if the operating system has become corrupted and will no longer boot, or if you need to image the hard drive of the machine without altering the data on the main drive.

How long does it take to boot?

It typically takes 1-2 minutes to boot from the USB drive.

Does it contain the full functionality of OSForensics?

Yes, the bootable edition contains all of the features available to the Professional edition of OSForensics, as seen on the comparison chart

Do I need to boot from the USB drive to use OSForensics?

No, OSForensics can be run directly from the USB drive after plugging it in on a computer with a compatible version of Windows. The OSForensics installer is also available on the USB drive and can be run to install a local copy of OSForensics onto the system.


Updates for the OSForensics Bootable USB Flash Drive are available here. They are distrubted as a complete image file that is copied to the USB drive, instructions are included in the download.

Note: Images of USB drive are for Illustrative purposes only, actual drive may look different to image shown.

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